viernes, 19 de agosto de 2016

El cancer no me impide ser una princesa

 This is the message that 17-year-old Andrea Sierra Salazar from Texas wanted to get across after she lost her hair due to chemotherapy. Andrea wrote on her Facebook: “This journey has taught me to love and accept myself regardless of the way I look. The hair on someone’s head doesn’t define who they are. All girls are princesses, and today I feel beautiful inside and out.” And these photos confirm her statement, she is gorgeous even without hair.



“There were no side effects,” Andrea told Buzzfeed

“I wouldn’t have known [I had cancer] until one day I felt like I slept wrong, and my neck hurt”

“I patted my neck and I felt a really big ball”

Doctors diagnosed her with stage 2 nodular sclerosis Hodgkin lymphoma

“Before chemotherapy I had always been a confident person,so when my hair started to fall out I would look in the mirror and I wouldn’t feel that confident about myself”

“Then I realised that I had no reason to be ashamed of the way I looked, I should be proud” 

“It’s not only about my outside beauty, it’s about the inside. That’s what really inspired the photoshoot without the wig”

“Cancer doesn’t stop me from being a princess,” she wrote

We couldn’t agree more

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